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It was my awe for the work of other illustrators that made me want to be one. Legions of other artists and illustrators have inspired me and influenced my work. Eventually I even got to meet and befriend a few of them! Here are some links to other artist's galleries:

Matt Dixon

The marvellous Matt Dixon!! Purveyor of cute, poignant robots and fabulous pin-ups to haunt and cheer!!

Jim Burns

Jim Burns  Veteran illustrator known for flowing organic shapes and hard SF imagery

Picture Books by Dandi Palmer    Children's author and illustrator

Studio Draven  Pete Billingham, 3D animation artist

Martin McKenna  SF, fantasy and horror Illustrator

Ian Miller  Dark modern gothic imagery

Nactalius Faery  imagery of Claus Brusen

Dave Carson   Horror pics and merchandise

Les Edwards  Master of atmospheric fantasy painting

Memory & Muchness  The eerie World of Peter Hollinghurst

Will Beck  Talented Illustrator and character designer

The Worlds of Don Lawrence  Stunning fantasy imagery

Official Frank R. Paul website   Archive of the pulp master


Jon Green's Blog   Excellent author of Bloodbones!

Far Beyond Tattoo Studio   Nick Iovene, one of the best tattooists in the business and also a terrific singer from the band Sterile Prophet

Firecat Masquerade   Maskmakers, storytellers & performers

Paul The website of musician, artist and model-maker Paul Batchelor

Maria Barry       Professional photographer, everything from art and fashion to weddings and portraits

SNAP ART   Brilliant art-based charity creating astonishing artwork and helping disadvantaged people, raising awareness of social issues. Home of amazing photo artist Hugh Byrne



Other businesses ran by friends of mine and dealing with cool stuff.

The Curious Emporium

Purveyors of choice little curios from around the world including statuettes, books, incense etc.

Red Tail Coffee

Home of the finest coffees known to humankind.You will thank me!!

I love my music, too. Listening to music while I work is a great source of inspiration. I'm also keen on live bands: There's always been a great local music scene where I live and I know a lot of  songwriters and musicians.

S.W.A.N.K.  Punchy and very witty, contagious electro-punk

Sterile Prophet  Loud, LOUD thrash metal!

UK Decay  The first and original band to be hailed as "Gothic" punk, recently resurrected for an excellent comeback tour

AKAHUM   Psychadelic weirdness!

I often post work in other public gallery websites and fora around the web, both for advice and guidance from my peers and to get my stuff seen

Epilogue Exclusive free fantasy art galleries

View Creatives Small free galleries for freelancers  

Slawek's Ultimate Guide Extremely comprehensive link site  

ConceptArt   Brilliant fantasy arts forum for professionals and amateurs alike. I post here very regularly